Before Jim arrived Matilda drove off boredom by immersing herself in adventure novels. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of pirates and other extreme adventurers. Now she can move from theory to practice! Because her reading has fired her imagination, Matilda always has some ideas for solving the problems that she and Jim have to face. They complement each other: Matilda can negotiate, scheme, elaborate plans with several steps whereas Jim is the type who charges right in.
Unlike her sidekick, Matilda looks such a well-behaved little girl that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But still waters run deep… When Matilda is on her bike, she’s a fiend on wheels! She knows the town like the back of her hand, not just its precipitously steep streets, but the shortcuts that only she dares take. She often accidently loses Jim when he gets tangled up in a clothesline or some other obstacle!
Matilda never misses any opportunity to get out of the house and escape her over-protective parents’ surveillance. And, thanks to Jim, there are plenty of opportunities!

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